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Privacy Policy

Dub Store Sound Inc. considers that the protection of personal information is the most important social obligation. We, both director and employees, comply with the laws and this privacy policy, and take paticular care to protect all private information at Dub store Sound Inc.

1. Collection of Private Infomation
    When collecting customer's private information, we take appropriate and fair measures to collect it for certain purposes with the custome's agreement.
2. Use of Private Information
    In case of using customer's private information, we use it only for its collected purpose. If we need to use private information for other purposes, we acquire agreement from our customer.
3. Disclosure of Private Information
    In case of passing private information to a third party, it is only done for its collected purpose with the customer's agreement. To provide information, we conclude a necessary contract and do take necessary measures according to the laws with the recipient of the private information.
4. Practice of Security Measures
    Our company practices appropriate management and prevention of information leakages to secure the safety and accuracy of our customers' private information from unauthorized access or loss, destruction and manipulation of private information.
5. Observance of Acts
    Our company complies with appropriate applied Acts and their guidelines to protect our customers' private information.
6. Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program
    Our company continuously reviews and improves its compliance program of private information.
7. Regard of Customers' Rights on Private Information
    Our company respects customers' rights. If any customer requires reference, correction, elimination, use and supply of his or her private imformation, we urgently respond to the customers' requirement.

December 5, 2006
Dub Store Sound Inc.
Representative Director Naoki Ienaga
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