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Company Profile

Company Name Dub Store Sound Inc.
Address Misuzu Bldg. #401, 7-8-3, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan
Phone +81 3 5348 2224
Founded Apr 7, 1993
Established Jul 2, 1999
Capital JPY50,000,000 (approx. USD450,000)
  • Import/export, retail sales, wholesale sales, production and purchase of audio media, visual media, books, & accessories
  • Sales, purchase, import and export of audio equipment and musical instruments.
  • Planning, production, and operation of master recordings of audio media. Music distribution and management of recorded works
  • System development of computers, office equipment, computer networks, telecommunications equipment, etc.
  • Secondhand dealer under the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act.
Director Representative Director Naoki Ienaga
Number of employees 60
Financial Institution Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

Apr 1993 started selling records by mail order service at Fukuoka.
Jun 1997 moved to Tokyo and opened the "Dub Store Record Mart" store.
Jul 1999 registered Dub Store Sound Inc. as a corporation.
Nov 2000 started wholesale service.
Nov 2002 opened online shop "Reggae Record.Com".
Jul 2004 started to release records on "Dub Store Records" run by Dub Store Sound Inc.
Jul 2006 opened mobile online shop "Reggae Record Mobile".
Sep 2006 became official Japanese agency of "Studio One Records".
Apr 2007 opened PC/Mobile information site "World Reggae News.com".
Nov 2008 opened PC/Mobile online shop "ReggaeCollector.com".
Oct 2011 opened smart phone online shop "mReggae.com".
May 2013 Dub Store Sound Inc. presents world's largest Reggae music digital download site ReggaeRecord Downloads
Dec 2016 Dub Store Records surpasses 400 releases.
Dec 2017 Record City is launched.
Dec 2017 Record City Shinjuku Purchase Center opens.
Dec 2018 Record City online shop openes.
Oct 2019 Record City physical storefront opens.
Jul 2020 Dub Store Records surpasses 600 releases.
Oct 2020 Large-scale shipping operation opens in Tokyo.
Nov 2021 Record City Osaka Purchase Center opens.
Apr 2022 Headquarters moved to Misuzu Bldg., Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo To.
Oct 2022 Dub Store USA opens.
Dec 2022 Record City Fukuoka Purchase Center opens.
Jan 2023 Dub Store UK opens.
Feb 2023 Record City Nagoya Purchase Center opens.
Jun 2023 Audio City Nishi Tokyo Purchase Center opens.
Oct 2023 Record City Sendai Purchase Center opens.
Feb 2024 Record City Flagship store opens.
May 2024 Record City Suginami Purchase Center opens.
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