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About "Reggae Record"

About "Reggae Record"

"Reggae Record" is the online shop that is managed by Dub Store Sound Inc.

We manage the online shop that specialized in Reggae and deal mainly records and othr items that are related to Reggae music (CDs, DVDs, Videos, Books, Accessories, Sleeves, etc). Our stock is over 50,000 items at all times, so you are able to find any items that you would like to purchase.
And "Reggae Record" is viewable from both PC and Mobile. PC site is "ReggaeRecord.Com" and Mobile site is "ReggaeRecordMobile". Once you register as a member in either site, you are able to do shipping with your account at both sites.

If your order is over JPY 8,000, shipping fee is free. We are possible to ship it on order day, if you are urgent to receive items.

The data on PC site "ReggaeRecord" and Mobile site "ReggaeRecordMobile" and Smartphone site "mreggaerecord.com" is always synchronized. Its functions, contents and structures are made very similarly.

Here, the summery of detailed information that is common in both sites.

Characteristics of "Reggae Record"

    The World Largest Range. Rich and Deep Items in Stock.
    Our sites hold over 50,000 dealing items, and it is the world largest range. All items can be shipped any time. Viewable products data is emphasized as good reggae contents and serach database by music lovers and music industries.

    See, Know, Buy
    A chracteristic of the sites is that you are able to gain information and knowledge about reggae while you are enjoying shopping. Its information and knowledge are such as hit charts and various release infomation and also cultures and thoughts of 50 years of Jamaican music and much more.

    Updated Information
    Information for the sites is updated more than once a day. We provide you information about New topics, New products, Sold out items and more, on time.

    Simple Style and Display
    By omitting useless jumps to other pages, we made it possible to search items from enormous amount of our stock. iIt is the sites that do not contain any useless displays and do operate simply.

Dealing Products (All products are related to Reggae music)
  • Vinyl Records(7", 10", 12", LP)
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Record Accessories (Sleeves, Center Adapters, Cleaner, Polsih)
  • Clothes (T-Shirts, Caps, Stoles)
  • Accessories (Posters, Poster-Flags, Stickers, Wristbands)

Stock Numbers: Over 50,000 items at all times (the largest stock in reggae specialized shop)

Update Fequency: More Than Once a Day

The list below describes functions and contents of "ReggaeRecord.Com" and "ReggaeRecordMobile".
Item Content
Topics Information for arrivals, updates and news about reggae.
Hit Chart Hit Charts of Jamaica, New York, Florida in Singles, LPs, CDs.
Remarkable New Releases Recommended Items that have arrived within a month.
Recommends Recommended Items that are picked up especially from good seller items.
New 45s(sorted by rhythm) New Singles that has arrived within 2 months, sorted by rhythm tracks.
New-Arrivals All items that has arrived within a month for the first time.
Re-Arrivals All items that has re-arrived within a month.
Sales Chart 50 items of the best seller ranking in different formats and periods of dates.
Genre Chart The best seller ranking in every genre of Reggae. Available in differnt period and format.
Hot Ranking The best seller ranking in rhythm tracks, artists, labels.
Bargain Pack 25 singles of randomly selected 7inches on bargain sale.
Bargain Items on sale.
Index A list of items can be displayed by using index of artist, label, rhythm, genre.
Dub Store Records Information for our label "Dub Store Records" and its releasing products.

We are looking for anyone who would like to link our websites.

Reggae Record is looking for anyone who woould like to link our websites. Please contact us by , if you are interested.

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*Please link to top page of Reggae records(http://www.reggaerecord.com), if you would like to attach a link.

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PC site "Reggae Record"

The PC verision of Reggae Record is "ReggaeRecord.com". The illustration below is its top page.
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