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Vinyl Pressing
Vinyl pressing service by Dub Store Sound Inc.

Dub Store Sound Inc. offers vinyl pressing and distribution service.

We help label owners or individuals who plan to press vinyls.

For further information, please contact us at:

    Dub Store Sound Inc.

    Address: 7-13-5, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 160-0023
    PH: +81-3-3364-5261
    FAX: +81-3-5348-2181
    E-Mail: info@dubstore.co.jp
    Business hours: 13:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Vinyl pressing summary

  • We contract for vinyl pressing for the labels or individuals.
  • With our knowledge about analog records, we try our best to provide you with the best suggestion in order to meet your needs.

Standard set-ups:
  • Formats: 7", 10", 12", LP
  • Minimum quantities: for 7" and 12": 300 pcs, for 10": 500 pcs
  • RPM: 45, 33 1/3
  • Mastering /Lacquer Mastering
  • Stamper
  • Test pressing
  • Label: background color, single color / full color
  • Sleeve: plain, single color
  • Jacket: plain, single color, full color
    * Please note that we don't design labels or jackets artworks so those elements need to be prepared at your end unless you prefer a plain label or jacket.
    *Additional options can generate extra costs. If you request the pressing plant to insert the vinyl into a jacket or sleeve that is manufactured in another factory, those elements need to be supplied to the plant before the manufacture starts.

Standard turnaround time:
  • It usually takes 4 months for the whole manufacture process to be completed, which however might be delayed by performances of the plant. We ask you to understand it in advance.

  • The payment will be made in two halves. First payment should be half of the total cost we estimate and the other half will be paid when the records are delivered to you.
    *Additional costs can occur during the pressing process by your additional request or by defection of master or label artwork which the plant asks you to fix.

    *The total cost can also possibly differ from what we first estimated due to the variations of currency exchange rates. We ask you to consider this possibility in advance.

  • Pressed vinyls will be shipped to our head quarter in Japan before delivered to you as we exanimate those are in good shape without any defects.

    *When you ship out the vinyls from the pressing plant to Japan and vice versa, the shipping fee will be discounted up to 50 % if you choose to use our contracted shipping carrier.

Vinyl pressing flow
    The illustration below shows the vinyl pressing flow:

Supplying music samples

You supply sound samples of your release to us and we determine if it is suitable for Vinyl manufacturing through us.


We make an agreement together and we estimate the total cost of the Vinyl pressing.

Supplying master and artwork

You supply the masters, label and jacket artworks, based on the plant's standards.

Order confirmation

You verify the contents and confirm your order. First half of this cost has to be paid in order to start the order process.

Test presses approval

Only for the persons who request test presses. You determine if it the test presses meet your satisfaction and reply to us within 2 weeks. If you wish to re-process the masters and then get new test presses, additional costs will occur.

Re-process of the masters

Re-processing masters requires another mastering, cutting, re-production of lacquer and stamper. This is only for the persons who request test presses and wish to re-process the masters.


Second half of the payment is made when the vinyls are delivered.

Distribution service summary

  • Upon your request, we can distribute the vinyls that have been pressed by using our service.
  • We introduce and promote the vinyls to retail shops all over the world, collect orders and ship them from our headquarters. Moreover, we will sell them in our shop as well as in our online store.

Distribution flow


We will judge if the material is respecting the copyright laws and see if it is suitable for our distribution catalogue.

Release information

You supply information about the artist, label, record, and promotional material to us.


The release will be pre-sold at ReggaeRecord.com and promoted to retail shops all over the world.

Ordering and shipping

We collect orders from retail shops and general customers and ship the records from our headquarters.


Accountings are made at the end of each month and the sold amount of records is paid at the end of the following month by bank transfer.

Payments from retail shops

We invoice the retail shops and receive payment from them.

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