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King Tubby's

King Tubby - The Dub Master. His 4 Rare 7inch Titles from the Firehouse Catalog.

Anthony Red Rose - Me No Want No Boops

Anthony Red Rose - Me No Want No Boops 7inch Vinyl : On Sale!

Without mentioning Anthony Red Rose, we are simply not able to discuss the distinguished sound of King Tubby and his Firehouse label. The artist was an essential figure who recorded a song called "Tempo", creating an original rhythm. It was produced by King Tubby and immediately became a symbol of 80's dancehall. During this period, King Tubby and his entourages have created prolific rhythms while running his Firehouse label. Luckily, Anthony Red Rose was able to come on the scene with his 'out of key' style and release several hits 'Old Pan Bangrang', 'Under Mi Fat Thing' and 'Worries Again' on their rhythms. "Me No Want No Boops" on the classic roots reggae rhythm "Here I Come" features humorous voice arrangement by Anthony himself and undoubtedly, this is another reputable number within the Firehouse catalogue.

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A side)
Artist: Anthony Red Rose
Title: Me No Want No Boops

B side)

John Wayne - Love It A Kill Me

John Wayne - Love It A Kill Me 7inch Vinyl : On Sale!

The "Tempo" rhythm is considered one of the historical rhythms in the golden period of dancehall and it was apparently an answer rhythm to Jammys "Sleng Teng" rhythm."Love It A Kill Me" by John Wayne is probably the most sought after and popular cut on the rhythm and the record itself includes a superb dub-version on the side B by the Dub Master, King Tubby. Although the artist does not sing as powerfully as he does on his hit song "Call The Police" he the still displays his unique lyrical flow. Originally, 7inch vinyl record was released on the Kingston 11 label and the 12inch was on the Firehouse label.

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A side)
Artist: John Wayne
Title: Love It A Kill Me

B side)

Super Black - Rising Star

Super Black - Rising Star 7inch Vinyl : On Sale!

Although Super Black is known for his hits "Deh Wid You", "Rambo We Rambo" at Jammys, the artist also fit well with the Photographer label where he put out a superb song "Just Like A Magic". Among the 80's catalogue of King Tubby, "Rising Star" is very exceptional and features a unique groove, which is created by the solid bass line to bring out the best of Super Black's appealing voice.

Track Listing  Play

A side)
Artist: Super Black
Title: Rising Star

B side)

Johnny Osbourne - Line Up

Johnny Osbourne - Line Up 7inch Vinyl : On Sale!

When it comes to naming the best dancehall compilation album, many will mention an album called "Sound Clash Dubplate Style" produced by King Tubby. "Line Up" by Johnny Osbourne was taken from the album where he showcases his enchanting melodies and lyrics and Trevor Levy's voice echoes calmly with vigorous lyrics on the flip side. Also both songs feature an intro by legendary MC Fuzzy Jones.

Track Listing  Play

A side)
Artist: Johnny Osbourne
Title: Line Up

B side)
Artist: Trevor Levy
Title: Nah Run From No Clash

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