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Analogue to Digital Audio Transfer Service
Analogue Vinyl and Reel to Reel Tapes Transferring Service

We will digitize your analogue vinyl and reel to reel tapes into CDs or data.

By digitizing your collection, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music at any occasions such as in your car, iPod etc. Also why don't you present a memorial LP or tracks to those who had to give up on analogue playing environment.

If you are running a label, we will make masters for digital releases as well as for pressing vinyl. And if you're a producer looking to get some samples, we will be able to help you.

Here at Dub Store Sound Inc. our motto is the best sound quality possible applying the most appropriate process for each source then deliver it to you on CD or data. There is no minimum quantity although for large orders we offer discount price so please feel free to contact us at anytime for enquiries.The minimum quantity is one LP, and three for 7"s. For large orders, we also offer discount so please feel free to contact us anytime for enquiries.

You may have heavily damaged or hard to play records, we can also restore those on request. Even for the ones you gave up and has been sitting in your storage, result could be surprisingly well*

*Please note some recordings might be impossible to restore depending on its damage.

We can transfer following format:
LP, 12", 10", 7", Dubplate, Reel to Reel Tapes (1/4 2tr, 1/4 4tr, 1/2 2tr & 1/2 4tr), others negotiable.

    Dub Store Sound Inc. Music Production Department

    Address: 7-13-5, Nishi Shinjyuku, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan
    TEL: +81 3-3364-5261
    FAX: +81 3-5348-2181
    E-Mail: studio@dubstore.co.jp
    Business Hours: 13:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Standard Transfer Fee

    Price List:
Price List 1 10+ 50+ 100+
LP JPY4,000 JPY3,750 JPY3,500 JPY3,000
Double LP +JPY1,000      
12" / EP JPY3,000 JPY2,750 JPY2,500 JPY2,000
7" JPY2,500 JPY1,500   JPY1,000

  30min   60min   90min
Reel to Reel JPY4,500   JPY8,000   JPY10,000

    Standard Transfer Includes:
    ■ Vinyl Cleaning (Vacuum Cleaner, Ultra Sonic Cleaning)
    ■ High Quality Recording (Up to 192Hz / 24bit)
    ■ Split Tracks
    ■ Recording on to Quality Media (CD/DVD), Upload MP3 Files

    Option Service:
    Audio Restoration
Our audio restoration service uses a software based in-detail computer processing and restores pretty much any damaged recordings (see example below)
JPY2,500 per working half an hour (minimum)
The work hour will depend on the condition of the recordings.
Typically it takes less than 1 hour to process a fairly clean LP which includes 10 songs.

A computer based mastering service using some of the best plug-ins available to date including Waves. Balancing the stereo image and matching the volume level per album to adapt to the club and home listening environment.
JPY3,000 for every 10 recording minutes (minimum)

    Jacket Printing:
Media: Recorded on High Quality CD-R (Taiyo-Yuden) with Full Colour Label Print.
Jacket: Thick Black Cardboard Paper Sleeve with Full Colour Artwork Sticker on both sides, wrapped in PVC CD Sleeve
JPY1,500 / per unit

    From the day we recieve your media, we will dispatch the finished product within 2-3 weeks. Please note if your order includes over 30 records / tapes or requires specific treatment there might be a slight delay.

    Price Change:
    Due to system upgrade, pricing has now been changed.
    However for those who have already used our service before can continue with old pricing.
    We believe in quality and will improve our service the best we can.



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    Audio Restoraion Examples:
  Before After
Please note all the finished products are for personal use only.
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